PR & Communications

Communications Strategy

Who do you want to speak with and what do you want their response to be?

Every innovation has a story 

We can craft your story to resonate with your audience

Our talented team of marketeers, scientists and designers have spent their careers creating and delivering communications strategies for start-ups, scale-ups and global organisations.

We’ll create a road map that shows how you can use brand building, marketing, website development, video, PR and other communications tools to achieve your goals.

The storytelling process 

Storytelling is a powerful communication tool. A story focuses attention, builds empathy and helps us to remember important information.

Define your story 

We’ll work with you to unravel your story and get to the heart of your business, generating a positioning statement and a message matrix on which to base all content  

Understand your audience 

We’ll do the groundwork to understand your audience, why they’re the target and how you want them to respond to your story 

Targeted media platforms 

We’ll decipher the media platforms that take you to your stakeholders – from social media and PPC advertising to press releases and emailers 

Create shareable assets 

We’ll professionally design and produce shareable marketing assets, including Weblogs, infographics, videos and slide decks 

Personalised content calendar  

We’ll map out a personalised content calendar and schedule your communications to be delivered at the right time 

Test, learn and refine  

Through an ongoing process of measuring, testing and refining, we’ll work with you to optimise your communications strategy for maximum impact 

Need help with your communications strategy?

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