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Digital Analytics & Reporting

Data-driven strategy for optimal results

Analysing what works

Robust tracking informs all our digital campaigns 

We understand the importance of analytics for successful digital marketing, and that’s why we integrate it into everything we do. From the outset, we’ll help you set up robust tracking for all your digital channels. This will provide vital insights into what’s working best for your company and inform ongoing strategy. We use Google Analytics for most of our data capture alongside other tried-and-tested marketing tools for keyword and competitor research. 

Monthly reporting with actionable insights 

Whether you need a one-off PPC marketing campaign or a digital package, we’ll help you set up tracking, link your website and other assets to analytics, and work out the most relevant user engagement metrics for your company objectives.

Using Data Studio to pull together your analytics data, we’ll create monthly, bespoke reports with actionable insights into campaign performance. These could include metrics on where your web traffic is coming from (such as source or geographical region), the keywords or web pages users are most engaging with, or which PPC platforms are driving most conversions.  We’ll use these insights to make recommendations for refining and improving your digital marketing strategy over time – ensuring we deliver the best possible results for your budget.  

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