Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategy

Increase online presence and generate quality leads


Our expert team of marketeers, scientists and designers have delivered numerous successful healthcare, engineering, biotech and life science marketing campaigns for clients.

Whether you’re an established company or just starting out, we can help you develop an effective digital strategy to engage with your existing audience, find new prospects and grow your business. 

Why you need a digital strategy

Reach your audience at every stage of their journey

With over five billion internet users globally, a well-planned digital marketing strategy will help you connect with your target audiences. Using a range of tactics and channels to increase your internet presence you’ll be able to:

  • Find and nurture quality leads
  • Obtain measurable and actionable data
  • Use insights to easily adapt your strategy
  • Improve your conversion rate
  • Keep pace with your competitors
  • Compete with bigger brands
  • Focus budget on the most promising prospects
  • Be creative and experiment with different tactics

Streamlined and scientific approach

Our science marketing campaigns are grounded in solid editorial practice, with well-researched scientific keywords, targeted and compelling messaging, and exemplary attention to detail. At the heart of everything we do is our approach of ‘design, measure, test, learn and refine’ – bringing you the best possible results for your budget. 

  • Design
    Define your target audience, establish the best digital channels for your campaign, prioritise your messaging and keywords, analyse your competition, create compelling ad copy with clear call to actions.
  • Measure
    Agree clearly defined goals, set up robust tracking in analytics, provide monthly reports with actionable insights 
  • Test
    Compare performance across different digital platforms, run multiple campaigns to assess user engagement, evaluate different bidding strategies, test impact of different ad images 
  • Learn
    Determine which platforms are most effective, see which messages resonate most with your audience, discover how users engage with your website
  • Refine
    Use data-driven insights to enhance your science marketing campaigns, optimise your website to improve user experience, reallocate budget to most successful platforms, do more of what works best!

Looking for guidance with your digital strategy?

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Deborah Cockerill, founder of Sciad Communications