Pr & Communications

Brand Positioning & Key Messaging

Every business has a story to tell

Find your voice in a crowded market 

What makes your brand stand out in a crowd?

Positioning encapsulates your brand values and personality. It articulates what you have to offer.

From start-up to full-scale commercialisation, having a convincing story to tell sets you apart from the competition and makes it easier to connect with investors and prospects.

 Your brand’s value proposition

Our team of strategists and science communications experts will work with you to develop a unique positioning statement.

Through brainstorming workshops and competitor research, we’ll gain a deep understanding of your target audiences, your market space and the products or services you offer. We’ll help you create a messaging document defining the words and visuals that best communicate your brand positioning. We can also design and implement a communications strategy to share your key messages with your target audience. 

Need help with your brand positioning?

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