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Ensuring your website is search-engine optimised

We know which SEO strategies produce the best results. Whether you’re a biotech start-up or an established leader in the healthcare industry, we can help you improve your keyword placements, refresh your website content and raise your search engine rankings.

Your website requires constant attention 

SEO and your digital marketing strategy

Organic searches are likely to be the primary source of traffic to your website from potential customers. As Google and other search engines are always changing their algorithms, your website should be constantly updated. By nurturing it and adding regular new content to keep it fresh and engaging you can ensure you don’t lose your organic keyword rankings to your competitors. 

Increasing your search visibility 

The better visibility your pages have in organic search results, the more likely you are to cut through the competition and drive traffic to your website.

As a vital first step, we’ll help determine the keywords your potential customers are most likely to use and make recommendations to ensure they are prominent in your copy.  

We’ll also run a competitor analysis to review the search landscape for your most important keywords and gauge how you are currently ranking. We’ll regularly review and report on your keyword rankings versus your competitors and suggest ways to improve performance as part of an ongoing SEO strategy. For instance, our expert team of science editors will make recommendations for creating additional pages and blogs to highlight key areas that are important for your business. 

Improving user experience 

Search engines value a good user experience

While keyword and copy optimisation is vital for improving your organic rankings, search engines also value a good user experience.  

Our team can help by implementing a range of strategies, such as ensuring your website is accessible and mobile responsive, compressing your images, and fixing any broken links. Implementing these changes can make a big difference to your website and your SEO ranking. If your pages are easy to navigate, you are far more likely to engage your potential customers and turn them into leads. 

Build links to boost your authority 

Link building is another effective tool for driving more organic traffic to your website.

Links are important not only for bringing referral traffic to your website, but also for showing you are trusted by other site owners. Cultivating links to other authoritative websites tells crawling search engines that your content is important, boosting your domain authority and your organic rankings. 

The best way to build authentic links is with a great PR strategy that involves high-impact press releases, along with attention-grabbing media coverage from respected journalists and publications. For more information on how we go about generating high quality third-party content, visit our PR and Communications pages.

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