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A shared passion for scientific innovation

The Sciad Team

Our team of scientists, communicators, designers and marketeers share a passion for scientific innovation

  • Photo of Deborah Cockerill

    Founder and Managing Partner

    Deborah Cockerill

    Empowering innovators to bring their ideas to life by delivering digital campaigns with maximum impact
  • Photo of Richard Anderson

    Managing Partner

    Richard Anderson

    I provide expertise in brand strategy, PR and marketing to help our clients achieve their potential
  • Photo of Maria Patey

    Managing Partner

    Maria Patey

    A communications specialist with extensive experience in driving innovative strategy
  • Photo of Paula Burton

    Project Director

    Paula Burton

    I deliver successful marketing and communications programmes to help your business grow.
  • Photo of Alex Curtis

    Head of Design and Web

    Alex Curtis

    I listen to clients’ needs and provide design solutions that are creative, innovative and impactful
  • Photo of Juliette Craggs

    Account Director

    Juliette Craggs

    I harness my scientific background to create strategic PR and digital marketing campaigns
  • Photo of Sarah Harrison

    SEO and Content Specialist

    Sarah Harrison

    I deliver digital campaigns to the highest editorial standards, reaching the audiences that matter to our clients
  • Photo of Sophie Protheroe

    Senior Account Manager

    Sophie Protheroe

    I use my storytelling skills to help clients make an impact on the audiences that matter
  • Photo of Tarryn Wensley

    Digital Manager

    Tarryn Wensley

    As a digital marketing expert, I enjoy collaborating with clients and providing clear and concise insights to inform strategy
  • Photo of Amy Thomas

    Senior Account Manager

    Amy Thomas

    My creativity and experience in science-based content creation delivers high-performing communication strategies
  • Photo of Jasmin Shearan

    Account Manager

    Jasmin Shearan

    My flair for content creation and media liaison generates PR campaigns that deliver standout results
  • Photo of Ethan Squibb

    Web & Graphic Designer

    Ethan Squibb

    From branding and social media to website design, I’ll help you visually tell your story
  • Photo of Dani Edmunds

    Content Executive

    Dani Edmunds

    As a science writer, I create engaging content, ranging from catchy ad copy to in-depth industry articles
  • Photo of Esther Gibson

    Digital Marketing Executive

    Esther Gibson

    I utilise my passion for science, combined with analytical skills, to develop outstanding PPC campaigns
  • Photo of Maria Taylor

    PR and Digital Marketing Executive

    Maria Taylor

    My passion for science, along with my communications and PR skills, make me an ideal team player
  • Photo of Emily Blythe

    Finance and HR Executive

    Emily Blythe

    I focus on providing financial management, HR and PA support for Sciad’s senior team
  • Photo of Christian Benson

    PPC Technical specialist

    Christian Benson

    I provide strategy, technical guidance and support to deliver successful digital marketing campaigns
  • Photo of Rob Dicks

    Senior Graphic Designer

    Rob Dicks

    As an experienced graphic designer, I have a strong understanding of building branding that works for you

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