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PPC Marketing

Data-driven campaigns to maximise results

Experts in PPC strategy 

We specialise in results-driven pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns for clients across life science, biotech, academic publishing, engineering and digital healthcare. 

Engage NEW and Existing audiences 

PPC advertising is a powerful, measurable tool for bringing targeted new audiences to your website and for turning existing audiences into customers. It can also provide useful data for informing other marketing initiatives.

There are three forms of PPC advertising – paid search, display and social media – all of which can play an important part in your digital marketing strategy.  

Paid search 

  • Target users searching on keywords relevant to your business  
  • Your ads are triggered to appear above organic search engine results 
  • Highly targeted, quick to set up with immediate results and conversions
  • Most popular platforms include Google Ads and Microsoft Ads 


  • Target potential customers based on their previous online activity 
  • Visual ads with eye-catching imagery and videos 
  • Great for brand awareness 
  • High reach across >2 million websites through the Google and Microsoft Display Networks

Social media 

  • Target both existing customers and new audiences 
  • Offers filtering of ads to specific groups of users 
  • Allows promotion of articles, infographics and videos
  • Platforms include LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok 

Creative, high-impact ads 

Knowing your target audience and how they’re searching for your content, services or products is key to a successful PPC marketing campaign.

We’ll help you decide on the best PPC platforms to reach your potential customers and define your campaign objectives. Our experienced science editors will produce compelling ad copy with clear calls to action and our design team will bring life to your campaigns with creative and engaging ad graphics, videos and animations. 

Track, measure and refine 

We’ll help you define the goals for optimising and measuring the success of your campaign

Our digital strategy is always data-driven, and we’ll help you define the key user actions, or goals, for monitoring the success of your PPC campaigns.

Through Google Analytics we’ll track your goals and use this data to inform our strategy and optimise your ads to improve user engagement and conversions. With regular meetings and monthly reporting and analysis, we’ll work with you to develop your campaigns over time to maximise results. 

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