Our Work, Wiley

Targeted PPC campaigns to drive conversions

The challenge

Wiley Online Library offers a portfolio of exceptional articles from over 1600 journals, half of which are published in partnership with prestigious international scholarly and professional societies.

We created and launched Google Ads search campaigns to attract users and gain market share. 

Our approach

Google Ad campaigns and analysis to inform bidding strategy and optimise performance

After researching a range of relevant keywords and creating compelling ad copy, we set up hundreds of Google Search campaigns for the large number of Wiley journals that had growth potential. Through Google Analytics we tracked user actions, or goals, and used this conversion data to improve ad performance and user engagement over time, while lowering the average cost per conversion. 

Brand awareness campaigns

We were also tasked with raising awareness and sales for Wiley’s new digital textbook service

We created a series of eye-catching graphics and animations that could be adapted for a range of online platforms. We then delivered targeted Google Ads and social media campaigns across Facebook and LinkedIn to engage the target audience and promote features of the new service.

The results

In the first year, our Google Ads campaigns generated over half a million website visitors.

Engagement was excellent with average session duration and click-through rates significantly higher than the industry average. Overall, the ads led to hundreds of thousands of goal completions with an extremely low average cost per conversion.  

The Sciad team are fantastic to work with. Over the course of a year, they helped us build a paid search programme for over 600 journals. Their ad optimisations have resulted in a steady decline in the average cost per conversion and a high number of clicks and conversions each month. It is what we hoped for and more!

– Hannah Qualtrough, Senior Product Marketing Manager

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