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Targeted marketing strategy

The challenge

Edinburgh Instruments has been a global leader in the research, development and manufacturing of state-of-the-art spectroscopic instrumentation for the past 50 years.

The client wanted to increase sales of their highly specialised laboratory equipment (specifically their microscopes and spectrometers) in Europe and the USA. Our task was to put together an innovative marketing strategy to help them achieve this.

Our approach

Our recommendation was to allocate marketing budget to highly targeted Google Search ads​

We devised a campaign that focused on keywords businesses or research facilities would use when looking to purchase a similar product. As the client was already an established company, we focused budget and efforts on ‘bottom of funnel’ keywords, to capture customers when they were looking to purchase. In doing so, we maximised budget impact, creating leads that converted into sales.

the results

An increase in website traffic and leads

104 % Increase in Goal Completions (01/09/21-07/09/22)
182 % Increase in Goal Conversion Rate (01/09/21-07/09/22)
  • The number of users to the website, the pages per session and the user session duration all increased
  • The highly targeted pay-per-click campaigns ultimately resulted in a steady pipeline of increased quality leads across the targeted countries
  • The client was very happy with the results and asked us to take over their Google Ads for two of their other companies as well

Sciad have managed our PPC advertising for several years now. The team work continually, tweaking our ads and budget, to ensure we get the best results. This has been reflected in increased visitors to our website month on month.​

– Edinburgh Instruments

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