Our Work, Laverock Therapeutics

Biotech start-up: awareness raising

The challenge

Launching Laverock Therapeutics’ unique gene silencing platform

Founded in 2022 and having completed a seed funding round, the company opened dedicated labs in the Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst, employing an experienced senior management team. 

The team’s challenge was to generate interest and excitement around their differentiated technology and communicate its ability to solve many of the limitations associated with existing approaches.​

Our approach

We created a visual identity for Laverock Therapeutics (Laverock is the Scots word for ‘lark’, a nod to the nationality of the company’s founding partners) designed to establish relevance and credibility.

Laverock’s new look and feel was applied across a website designed using a cost-effective and flexible platform. The team was equipped to present a professional ‘first impression’ to potential partners and investors.  ​

We wrote and distributed a press release targeted to relevant media outlets, focusing on Laverock’s unique technology. We also created social media assets to promote the team’s attendance at a scientific conference.

The results

Ten relevant publications covered Laverock’s news story, including Bio IT World, Bio Space and Pharmiweb. It was also featured as a lead story on the home page of Drug Development and Delivery and across social media platforms.

The branding and professional website, in conjunction with the press coverage, helped establish Laverock as an important player in next-generation programmable cell therapies.

Our initial brief was to create a simple, striking visual identity. Once the logo was decided, the team designed a website to support recruitment and issued a press release, to help grow awareness. I am confident that Sciad can support us through every stage of our growth

-Rosheen Caw, Chief of Staff, Laverock Therapeutics

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