23rd October 2013, London

For immediate release: WOMEN at risk of hereditary breast cancer are being offered a speedy test and expert consultation over the phone in a unique and revolutionary new service.

The new telemedicine service from Harley Street Cancer Concierge (HSCC) includes Dr James Mackay – the UK’s only accredited Medical Oncologist with a special interest in Cancer Genetics – and one of the world’s leading molecular diagnostic companies.

The virtual DIY test promises to deliver fast results and checks women against the widest risk profile, increasing the chances of earlier diagnosis.

Healthcare provider, Harley Street Cancer Concierge, has pioneered the service which allows women to Skype or Face-Time Dr Mackay for initial genetic counselling direct from their home.

A simple blood test is then carried out by the patient’s GP and HSCC arrange a follow-up appointment at home with Dr Mackay 14-days later.

HSCC Managing Director, Darren Rowe, says the programme: ‘Is designed for women who meet our clinicians’ criteria for risk.

‘Patients approach us for a number of reasons, the most frequent being (1) The speed with which we are able to deliver our service and (2) because they want to be checked against the widest risk profile.

‘That means,’ added Mr Rowe,’ that those with genuine and well-founded concerns are able to access our testing service when they might fall outside the narrower risk profiles of other tests.

‘Additionally, being able to have the test from home makes a significant difference and puts high quality private care into people’s own homes without them having to travel to clinics or Harley Street for a medical appointment.’

Dr Mackay said: ‘It is very important that anyone considering genetic testing is given the most up-to-date, accurate and understandable information on their personal risk, the process of testing, possible test results and the clinical implications of these results.

‘This new service will allow us to give this information to patients without the inconvenience of travelling or a lengthy wait. It is a welcome innovation in addition to the high quality cancer genetic testing services already available and I welcome its rapid introduction.’




Patient enquiries: enquiries@harleystreetcancerconcierge.com, 0844 809 9995

Media enquiries: Richard Anderson, Richard@sciad.com, 07973 950376

Jo Pearl, jo@sciad.com, 07957 440889


Notes for journalists


The test

The service has been created using the most thorough molecular test currently available in the world. It is built on 18,000 identified genetic mutations and with over 1,000,000 patients tested, represents the largest data bank on record.

Patient profile

HSCC would include the following groups as people who may want to consider testing:

·       Women with a strong family history of breast or ovarian cancer

·       Women under 50 with Breast Cancer

·       Women with Ovarian Cancer at any age

·       Men with breast cancer at any age

·       Women of Jewish descent with family history of breast or ovarian cancer


About Harley Street Cancer Concierge (www.harleystreetcancerconcierge.com)

Harley Street Cancer Concierge is a cancer patient navigation service designed to help people work through the maze of London’s private cancer clinics and specialists. HSCC schedules medical appointments, treatment sessions and diagnostic services as well as planning accommodation and travel schedules. HSCC has in-depth knowledge of London’s doctors and clinics, getting patients to the best treatment and the right doctors quickly.

HSCC in collaboration with Myriad Genetics offers hereditary breast and ovarian cancer testing useful in assessing and managing risk as well as guiding treatment decision.



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