Edinburgh, UK, 16th March 2017 / Sciad NewswireSynpromics Ltd, the leading synthetic promoter and gene control company, is pleased to announce it has been granted a key patent (EP2668277B1) by the European Patent Office, protecting PromPT™ – its proprietary synthetic promoter development platform.

PromPT™ enables identification of unique gene regulatory sequence elements from natural genome-derived promoters, based on the meta-analysis of functional genomics datasets. This technology allows for the design of synthetic promoters that are optimally tailored to drive gene expression at a desired level and specificity, facilitating the development and commercialisation of synthetic promoters for gene and cell therapy products and bioprocess applications.

Dr Michael Roberts, Founder and CSO of Synpromics, commented, “Synpromics continues to innovate and this patent demonstrates our commitment to developing best-in-class synthetic promoter systems. The new patent enables multiple therapeutic and bioprocess applications and protects a key element of our technology. From cell and gene therapy to biopharmaceutical manufacturing, there is a growing interest in adopting a systematic design strategy, allowing the creation of fully optimised gene expression cassettes.”


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Notes for Editors

About Synpromics
Synpromics is a private company focused on commercialising its proprietary technology in the emerging field of synthetic biology by developing customised synthetic promoters. The company has partnership deals with a number of gene therapy companies including AGTC, Adverum, and uniQure.​

Synpromics’ technology gives biological researchers, developers and manufacturers unprecedented control of gene expression through the ability to create a comprehensive portfolio of man-made DNA sequences. This is a highly disruptive technology as most of the currently used promoters are natural, viral or gene specific promoters. Synpromics’ products comprise patented synthetic promoters that are designed to regulate genes in a highly specific manner. For more information see www.synpromics.com

PromPT™ Technology Platform
Synthetic promoters are DNA sequences that do not exist in nature and are designed to regulate the activity of genes, controlling a gene’s ability to produce its own uniquely encoded protein. Currently, the biotech industry largely relies on naturally occurring promoters to drive protein production. However, natural promoters have evolved for biological functions within the context of the organism in question, and as such they were not purpose-designed for industrial or therapeutic applications. The technology developed by Synpromics allows for the design of synthetic promoters that are optimally tailored to drive gene expression at the desired level and specificity. The technology platform facilitates the creation of a large collection of distinct and relevant synthetic promoters for a diverse array of applications

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