28th January ’14, UK – The Royal Society of Chemistry and Cogent have signed a Memorandum of Agreement to work in partnership to help small and medium-sized companies in the chemicals industry to recruit the best talent.  


The agreement will see the Royal Society of Chemistry provide £400,000 of funding in the form of grants to enable companies to provide higher apprenticeship training for employees and to host industrial placements.


Royal Society of Chemistry Higher Apprenticeship Grants will offer funding up to £9,000 to support apprenticeships in small companies, while Royal Society of Chemistry Industrial Placement Grants will offer small companies funding up to £20,000 to host one-year placements for undergraduate students.


Cogent will promote the availability of these grants as well as recruitment support to companies seeking to build a skilled workforce by employing talented young people. 


Pauline Maden, Head of HE Operations, Cogent said: “we are delighted to be working with the Royal Society of Chemistry on this initiative to increase the number of talented young people working in small chemical sciences companies. Our mutual understanding of the importance of high quality education and training makes an excellent partnership and signing this agreement will serve to strengthen our collaboration.”


Clare Wilson, the Royal Society of Chemistry’s programme manager for small companies, said: “this funding will help companies increase the number of opportunities available for young people to start a career in the chemicals sector or in the chemical-using industries. Be it a young person beginning an apprenticeship or an undergraduate looking to increase their employability and put into practice what they’ve learned at university, this funding will enable small and medium-sized companies to recruit the talented and enthusiastic young scientists that will help grow their business.


“These grants are part of a wider programme of activities that the Royal Society of Chemistry is undertaking to support small businesses in the chemical sciences to develop and grow. As part of this programme, we recently launched a service called Enterprise Plus that provides micro, small and medium sized companies with vital information on funding opportunities and scientific developments as well as access to business expertise and relevant networks.”



Notes to editors


Criteria for Royal Society of Chemistry Higher Apprenticeship Grants and Industrial Placement Grants


These grants are available to organisations employing less than 250 members of staff. Careful consideration has been given to the application process so that it doesn’t become onerous.



Applications for Royal Society of Chemistry Higher Apprenticeship Grants applications need to show a clear plan for the future with progression routes mapped out for the apprentice. This scheme is a rolling programme and is now open for applications. http://www.rsc.org/sme/industrial-placement-grant.asp


For Royal Society of Chemistry Industrial Placements Grants, funding decisions will be biased towards evidence of strong academic merit. The closing date for this scheme is 31 January 2014. www.rsc.org/sme/industrial-placement-grant




Please contact Matthew Lowe on 01925 515200 or email matthew.lowe@cogent-ssc.com


About Royal Society of Chemistry – http://www.rsc.org


The Royal Society of Chemistry is the world’s leading chemistry community, advancing excellence in the chemical sciences. With over 48,000 members and a knowledge business that spans the globe, we are the UK’s professional body for chemical scientists; a not-for-profit organisation with 170 years of history and an international vision of the future. We promote, support and celebrate chemistry. We work to shape the future of the chemical sciences – for the benefit of science and humanity.


About Cogent – http://www.cogent-ssc.com/


Cogent is the Sector Skills Council for the science-based Industries. It operates in the three main industry areas of Life Sciences, Process Manufacturing and Nuclear.


These industries employ around 900,000 people in high value jobs and indirectly support around three times as many. Cogent works with the employer base to raise ambition on skills and deliver value adding programmes and solutions that meet employers’ needs.



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