Amsterdam, Netherlands, 19th June 2018 / Sciad NewswirePeerwith, the peer-to-peer marketplace for scientists, is opening the next phase of its equity crowdfunding campaign to extend the offering to the public. Peerwith has recently closed the initial, private phase of its crowdfunding campaign, which was primarily aimed at experts active on the platform. A substantial part of the target amount was raised from this group. Now, the Company would like to welcome other interested investors to become Peerwith shareholders, to help raise an additional EUR 200,000 in equity crowdfunding. 

Ivo Verbeek, Co-founder and Director, Peerwith, commented: “Funds raised in the campaign will be used, among other things, to roll-out the recently announced PeerScienceCoin, a new blockchain-based payment token for scientists and academic institutions collaborating on The team at Peerwith are excited for the company to enter this next phase of growth, and look forward to welcoming more members to the Peerwith community.”

To date, the Company’s focus has been on setting up successful partnerships with global publishers (e.g. Brill, Emerald, Hindawi) and piloting partnerships with universities and research institutions (e.g. Erasmus University Rotterdam), greatly enhancing the Company’s reach. Uniquely, Peerwith’s experts work directly with researchers, eliminating third-party involvement to provide quality, tailored services via this unique relationship.

The additional network and relationships developed with expert stakeholders who participated in the initial phase of crowdfunding will grow and solidify the Institutional Solutions service offered by Peerwith. Institutional Solutions supports researchers by providing access to thousands of academic experts from around the world, improving the quality of research output, and advancing institutions’ scientific impact. Peerwith will continue to focus on accelerating the growth of its Institutional Solutions, as well as fine-tuning the services it offers to the global academic community.

Join our mission to fundamentally improve researcher services by empowering experts on an innovative peer-to-peer platform. BECOME A PEERWITH SHAREHOLDER.


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Peerwith is a platform for expert-led researcher services. We support researchers by offering them the opportunity to select, connect and collaborate with scientific experts and improve the quality of their academic work. Experts on Peerwith come from all academic disciplines and offer fair fees for services tailored to individual requirements. With our secure marketplace environment, our mission is to aid the advancement of science by helping researchers globally improve the quality of their academic work. | | @peerwith on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

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