Cambridge, UK, 18th June 2018 / Sciad NewswireProfessor Gordon Wishart, Chief Medical Officer of Check4Cancer, presents audit results from its private breast cancer diagnosis pathway to the Association of Breast Surgery annual conference in Birmingham today. 

Using lessons learned from the Ian Paterson breast surgeon scandal in Birmingham, Professor Gordon Wishart developed a safe pathway where all investigations, including biopsy, are performed on the same day. This best practice One Stop pathway is now delivered by a network of breast surgeons throughout the UK. All surgeons are vetted before being allowed to join the network, and they must report the investigations performed and results from each case.

The audit of over 1000 patients confirmed that 88% of women seen without GP referral could be reassured and discharged on the same day. The average time to the first appointment attended was 3.8 days, and the average feedback score was 99/100. Women with breast symptoms can therefore be reassured that this private service is safe, fast and offers 100% compliance with NICE guidelines for best practice.

Prof Gordon Wishart, who is also an invited speaker at the opening conference session on “Post Paterson-Lessons Learned”, commented, “While their can be no guarantee that another Paterson-type scandal wont occur, I am delighted that Check4Cancer has given patients rapid access to an accurate and reliable diagnosis, reducing average times to be seen and improving patients’ experience in the private sector. Having just won “Best Diagnostics Provider” at the Health Investor Awards last week, it is rewarding to now have these results selected for presentation at the annual breast surgery conference.” 

Check4Cancer enables people to take ownership of their health, and that of their family, by providing cancer services that are innovative, validated and effective. The company’s team of cancer specialists has extensive clinical expertise, enabling Check4Cancer to provide award-winning services trusted by leading UK insurance providers and corporate sector clients. 


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Notes to Editors

About Check4Cancer

Check4Cancer is the reliable and trusted provider of early cancer detection and genetic services in the UK. The Company offers rapid access to personalised screening and diagnostic services for anyone anxious about a possible cancer diagnosis, as well as genetic testing and counselling for patients at increased risk of hereditary cancer. Check4Cancer covers bowel, breast, cervical, lung, prostate and skin cancer for the private, insured and corporate markets.

Founded in 2007, Check4Cancer’s nationwide, evidence-based services are supported by audit data and cover 87% of all new cancer incidence in the UK every year. Services can be accessed at over 80 clinics across the UK.

Check4Cancer partners with companies in the UK, USA & Europe, facilitating the offering of cancer screening and awareness as an employee benefit. Existing corporate clients include BBC, Novartis, Sky, VW, Deloitte, HP, Lendlease, Unicredit, Nissan, Volvo and Zurich.

Check4Cancer helps combat one of the fastest growing areas of medical need, as cancer is predicted to impact 1 in 2 people by 20201. Early detection gives patients a better chance of surviving cancer2, and Check4Cancer is the first step.


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