London, UK, 2nd February 2016 / Sciad NewswireRSA has published the latest of its Talent equityTM reports (, an analysis of Biotech company performance and Board composition. The results reveal the different approaches to Board constitution and regulation in the UK and the rest of the EU and correlate these factors with company success.

One of the stand-out conclusions of the report is that over the last 3 and 5 year periods, UK companies have performed less well than their mainland European competitors. The top performers for the 3-year period were Genfit, who generated 152.73% total trailing return and Genmab with 52.77% of 5-year total trailing return. 

RSA’s report forensically analyses the experience, backgrounds, terms-of-office etc. of the non-executive components of Boards of the 10 top performing UK and Mainland European Biotech companies.  The report concludes that there are 6 key factors influencing success:

  • Share Ownership
  • Commitment
  • Succession Planning
  • Composition
  • Gender Diversity
  • Remuneration

Executive Chairman, Nick Stephens said “our goal was to tease out some data that Chairs, Nominations Committees and investors can use as part of their data driven decision support when building, assessing or refreshing their Boards. We hope that the insights in this report will the industry to build better companies and change patients’ lives.


For further information, contact:

Nick Stephens
Executive Chairman
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Sciad Communications
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RSA is the world’s largest Talent Consultancy in Life Sciences, advising on the selection, assessment and onboarding of Board and Senior Executive Talent.   We specialise in performing due diligence on Talent helping you make Better Decisions for Better People.  We do this by using a unique Proof of Candidate™ approach which is based on evidence and in-depth comparative analysis. With offices in USA, UK, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey, Singapore and China we are large enough to be global but small enough to remain focussed on you.  For more information please visit us at

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