The BHM test kits produce 75% less plastic waste compared to traditional kits.

Birmingham, UK, 9th February 2022 / Sciad Newswire / Birmingham Biotech Ltd, an innovator in diagnostic tests, protective nasal sprays and mobile medical facilities, today announces that its new lateral flow test has passed phase 3a testing by the UK government.

The BHM® COVID-19 Sealing Tube Test Strip is a lateral flow test kit for detecting COVID-19 infection in humans. It has a patented design that seals the sample into a tube before testing, reducing the risk of contamination.  Stringent phase 3a testing by the UK government concluded that the test is both specific and sensitive enough to be suitable for mass population, community-based testing. Out of the 160 lateral flow devices that were evaluated in phase 3a testing, only approximately 30% passed the assessment.

The BHM® COVID-19 Sealing Tube Test Strip is more sustainable than traditional lateral flow kits, producing 75% less plastic waste. Standard test kits require both a cassette and a tube and contain approximately 10g of plastic per test. The BHM test combines sampling and testing into one tube, removing the need for a cassette, and contains only 2.5g of plastic.

The test also has a longer time frame for reading results. Many existing lateral flow tests require the results to be read within a short window of 15-30 minutes. After this time, the results can be disrupted by backflow of liquid which can lead to false positive results. The BHM test kits have been designed to produce a long-lasting result that remains stable for several days. The tests are also compatible with digital results readers, which can provide more accurate interpretation of results, especially when the test displays a faint line.

The test kits are easy to use and produce rapid results, meaning they are ideal for daily testing for work, school, or social gatherings, as well as for travel. The test simply requires users to take a swab from inside the nasal passage or a saliva sample from under the tongue.

Michael Hsu, Managing Director at Birmingham Biotech commented, “Regular testing is a crucial way to protect ourselves and our communities against the spread of COVID-19 infection. However, lateral flow test kits produce a lot of plastic waste. By reducing the amount of plastic in each test by 75%, we have developed an accurate, safe and more environmentally friendly option for self-testing.”              

The BHM® COVID-19 Sealing Tube Test Strip has CE certification. To find out about distribution or licensing opportunities, contact Birmingham Biotech at


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Birmingham Biotech is an innovator in diagnostic tests and protective nasal and throat sprays for medical conditions with an urgent, unmet need. In partnership with the University of Birmingham, Birmingham Biotech is committed to ensuring that patients in developing countries have access to the latest high-quality, affordable healthcare delivered through its rapid global supply chain. Birmingham Biotech is trusted by governments and healthcare providers around the world as a one-stop-shop for tests, equipment and consumables approved and recognised by international regulators.

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