Billingham, UK, 1st July 2015 / Sciad Newswire / Cambridge Research Biochemicals (CRB) will continue to supply The Medical Research Council (MRC) with custom-synthesised peptides and bespoke polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies for a further 12 months as a valued preferred supplier under a new pricing agreement.

Having delighted customers with the highest quality products during its 35 years of service in the life science industry, CRB, who are based in the North East of England in Billingham on Teesside, has announced a fixed pricing agreement with UK Shared Business Services (UK SBS), formerly known as RCUK Shared Services Centre Ltd (RCUK SSC Ltd). With the original contract being issued in 2010, this will be the fifth year that CRB have maintained preferred supplier status.

CRB have also extended their pricing, which has now been frozen since 2013, to the Francis Crick Institute, which includes the former MRC site The National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR) based in Mill Hill, North London. The agreed pricing will also be carried forward once The Crick Institute site located at Kings Cross St Pancreas is fully established. In the meantime, all Crick subsidiaries are also invited to enjoy the discount opportunities. 

Establishment of this new pricing agreement is extremely significant to CRB as it not only consolidates the existing relationships with the MRC, but also allows the company to continue to enhance and progress relations with new MRC Institutes, in addition to exploring avenues into other UK based Universities.

CRB’s Commercial Director Emily Humphrys said: “This announcement certifies CRB’s strong position as a key player in the busy global peptide and antibody market and portrays the consistently high level of quality life-science products that are supplied to the MRC.”

“CRB celebrates its 35th Anniversary of service this July and is delighted to continue to supply the Medical Research Council and other affiliated institutes with superior custom research tools. Since CRB’ s expansion and relocation in January 2014, the peptide and antibody portfolio offered to the MRC has expanded further still, with increased capacity which now also includes monoclonal antibody generation in a brand new cell culture suite.”

 “The contract renewal also signifies the trust and confidence that the MRC have placed in CRB.”

Mike Reilly, Category Manager for UK SBS Ltd, said: “The continuation of CRB’s preferred supplier status under the new pricing agreement demonstrates the faith that UK SBS have in the admirable work being done by the team at CRB. During the time that we have worked together, CRB have displayed an exemplary commitment to the quality and ethical standards of the products that they supply to us. We look forward further developing our relationship over many years to come.”

Notes to Editors

Cambridge Research Biochemicals

Cambridge Research Biochemicals, ( based in the North East of England in Billingham on Teesside, is a leading independent producer of custom-made peptide and antibody tools. CRB supplies researchers in the pharmaceutical, life science and academic sectors worldwide. The primary applications of its products are as custom-made, laboratory scale reagents for proof of principal studies within early phase drug discovery and to support biomarker programmes in clinical studies. The company produces all flavours of peptides from simple to modified, stable and radio-labelled to dye labelled from milligrams to gram-scale to the highest levels of purity. CRB also distributes supporting products such as PNA and Europium chelate.

Cambridge Research Biochemicals contact:
Tel: Emily Humphrys on 01642 567182

The Francis Crick Institute

The Francis Crick Institute is a unique partnership between six of the UK’s most successful scientific institutions and it aspires to be one of the world’s leading medical research institutes. The St Pancreas site is due to open early 2016 and in the meantime The Medical Research Council‘s National Institute for Medical Research and Cancer Research UK‘s London Research Institute (at Lincoln’s Inn Fields and Clare Hall respectively) became part of the Francis Crick Institute on 1 April 2015. Researchers from these institutes transferred to the Crick but will remain based at their existing locations until they move into the new institute at St Pancras in early 2016.

The Crick places emphasis on multidisciplinary research and its work focuses on helping us to understand why disease develops and to find new ways to treat, diagnose and prevent illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, infections, and neurodegenerative diseases. They believe that the necessary quality can only be delivered through a focus on the best and most imaginative scientists, which in turn requires a broad and flexible approach to their scientific programme.

The Francis Crick Institute Contact:

MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology

The Medical Research Council (MRC) Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB) is one of the world’s leading research institutes.  Discoveries and inventions developed at the LMB, for example DNA sequencing and methods to determine the structure of proteins, have revolutionised all areas of biology.  Its scientists work to advance understanding of biological processes at the molecular level.  This information will help us to understand the workings of complex systems, such as the immune system and the brain, and solve key problems in human health.

MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology contact:

About UK Shared Business Services and UK SBS Procurement

UK Shared Business Services Ltd (UK SBS) is the new name for RCUK Shared Services Centre Ltd. UK SBS is a not-for-profit organisation, providing expertise and quality shared business services that enable customers to focus resources on their core activities; innovating and transforming their own organisations. The Procurement function within UK SBS delivers an end-to-end integrated procurement service that provides clients with the products and services that they require to function as entities. UK SBS Procurement provides a wide range of services and dedicated Category Managers to support specialist and niche requirements such as research consumables, field equipment, complex research equipment and leading edge information technology.

UKSBS Contact:

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