Sandwich, Kent, UK, 30th September 2015 / Sciad NewswireToday, 150 Key Stage 4 students from schools across Kent will attend a celebration of the Life Science/Bio Sciences industry, entitled: The Young BioGateway. With a strong Life Sciences network continuing to grow in Kent, now is the time to highlight the incredible opportunities that will be available to the county’s young people in the next few years within this diverse and exciting industry. 

Experts, both locally and nationally, will be on hand to show students a range of exciting career possibilities, via the use of hands-on activities and exhibitions.

The Young BioGateway is organised by the Education Business Partnership Kent in partnership with the BioGateway. Anne McNulty, CEO, Education Business Partnership Kent said: This kind of event transforms the lives of young people giving them motivation and a purpose to their qualifications. It also showcases the skills employers require and how to go about finding the right training to progress. EBP Kent’s team have worked tirelessly to bring the key players together; we are very grateful to companies like Cummins Power Generation and Pfizer who have sponsored the programme.”

The Young BioGateway aims to dispel any stereotypes that young people might have regarding the Life Sciences world, offering vital information regarding the necessary employability skills that so many companies look for in prospective employees and encouraging students to take part in genuine industry activities and areas of research.

A variety of companies and educative organisations will be taking the time to offer the students a guiding hand as they make their way from the classroom into the workplace, each one providing a candid insight into what it is that they do and how it is that they do it.     

For further information, please contact Anne McNulty at the Education Business Partnership Kent on: 01304 897640 or

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