Imaging critical to Covid-19 patient management and survival.

Chertsey, Surrey, UK, 28th April 2020 / Sciad Newswire / As part of the NHS emergency response to Covid-19, Visbion’s Image Cube has been deployed at the new NHS Nightingale Hospitals in London, Birmingham and Harrogate. It is also being installed in over 150 existing mobile imaging trailers that can be deployed at hospitals across the UK to create an expanded diagnostic imaging service. The capabilities of the Image Cube are crucial for management of Covid-19 patients in hospitals so that CT scan images of patients’ lungs can be sent for remote analysis by expert radiographers and for picture archiving. The technology has, for example, been previously deployed as part of the PHE Breast Screening Programme.

Dr Stefan Claesen, CEO and a Founder of Visbion, commented “We’re delighted to be part of the response to Covid-19. The coronavirus crisis has emphasised the need for integrated and flexible healthcare provision and in the current circumstances there is a need for greater flexibility in the deployment of resources for specific needs. In the current circumstances, imaging capability is severely stretched and, again, this is being addressed using more imaging trailers.” Prof. Richard Kitney, Chairman and a Founder of Visbion, commented “Modern healthcare practice relies heavily on the use of medical imaging techniques (e.g. CT and MRI) to achieve effective diagnosis. The use of mobile facilities has significant economic and practical advantages for Hospital Trusts, allowing them to secure imaging as and when needed without the need for significant financial investment.” 

The Visbion Image Cube is an intelligent and cost-effective DICOM 3.0 routing, translation, compression and encryption appliance. It is ideally suited to any scenario where images or work lists need to be transferred from one location or system to another. The Image Cube can be used to automate and encrypt a point-to-point link from one hospital to another or allow a mobile scanning truck to pull up to multiple hospitals with a variety of PACS systems.


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Notes to Editors

Visbion is the specialist in providing smart, effective and scalable image management solutions to the healthcare sector. Working with single clinics to multiple site hospitals, Visbion’s patient-centric approach is helping to drive the new-generation technology solutions.

Visbion’s specialist expertise can also provide connectivity solutions for even the most complex challenges, including connecting remote networks and mobile facilities. Currently used in over 500 sites worldwide, Visbion’s leading edge technology is a proven healthcare solution.

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