Edinburgh, UK, 18th October 2018 / Sciad NewswireSynpromics is pleased to announce positive data presented today by a key partner, uniQure (NASDAQ:QURE), at the European Society of Gene and Cell Therapy conference in Lausanne, Switzerland. The study used uniQure’s next-generation liver-directed gene therapy system that incorporates a short, highly-selective and powerful liver promoter that was developed by Synpromics. 

The study, the first conducted in an advanced pre-clinical model using technology developed by Edinburgh-based Synpromics, demonstrates that the promoter is at least eight-times more potent than the current industry standard, providing uniQure with a powerful tool from which to drive the development of a variety of liver-directed gene therapies.

Commenting on the results, Dr Michael L Roberts, Founder & CSO of Synpromics, said: “This is fantastic data and shows the translatability of our company’s technology to advanced disease relevant models. This is the culmination of a productive partnership with uniQure in which we have worked closely to deliver a highly selective promoter, whose performance has exceeded initial expectations. This promoter enables uniQure to develop safer, targeted gene therapies for liver disease.”

This positive data supports the application of Synpromics’ technology in cell and gene therapies and further cements the company’s position as the leader in gene control.


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Notes to Editors

About Synpromics 
Synpromics is the leader in gene control, improving human health by enabling safer, more effective cell and gene medicines through proprietary genomics, bioinformatics and intelligent data-driven design. The Company has developed PromPT®, its multi-dimensional bioinformatics database that enables product-specific promoter design and selection empowering the next generation of cell and gene based medicines and bioprocessing applications. The company operates in a diverse range of fields, including broad applications in cell and gene based medicine, biologics manufacturing and viral vector bioprocessing. Current partners include Audentes, Biomarin, uniQure, AGTC, Solid Biosciences, Homology Medicines Inc, Adverum Biotechnologies, GE Healthcare and Sartorius-Stedim Cellca, as well as numerous undisclosed partners in the pharmaceutical sector.

About synthetic promoters
Naturally occurring promoters have evolved for biological functions but have limitations when utilised in industrial or therapeutic applications. Synthetic promoters with DNA sequences not found in nature are designed to better regulate gene activity and precisely control protein production. Synpromics creates highly specific promoters designed to drive gene expression at the desired level and specificity in any cell type, tissue or environmental condition. Each synthetic promoter represents a novel invention and thus can be patented.

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