Bournemouth, UK, 5th May 2021 / Sciad NewswireSolentim, the trusted global leader in workflows for antibody and cell-based therapies, today announced an expansion of its European operations. The company has established a new EU entity based in Ireland to facilitate frictionless business within the EU. Additionally, Solentim has opened a new warehousing and logistics hub in Germany, to better serve its customers within the EU. 

Solentim’s CEO, Dr Mark Truesdale, commented, “Europe is a fast-growing part of our business both in our core therapeutic antibody business and in new development areas including cell and gene therapies. This changing therapeutic landscape, in addition to our launch of two major new products, has rapidly increased demand. We want to be closer and more responsive to the needs of the European market and our office in Ireland will ensure ease of operation for customers while our new warehouse facility in Germany will mean that we can deliver products more quickly and easily.”

Solentim recently announced the launch of two major products, the award winning ICON™ benchtop system and STUDIUS™ data management system.


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Notes to editors

About Solentim

Solentim is the trusted global leader in workflows for antibody and cell-based therapies. Our assurance rich technologies enable the isolation, growth and characterization of high value cells while our data driven platform enables smarter decision earlier in the process. Together, our customers experience faster workflows, confidently designed for regulatory environments. In the pursuit of new antibody, gene and cell therapies, our technology provides confidence in the isolation, characterization and selection of leading cells. With a foundation in clonal assurance, our data-driven, evidence-based workflows help you find the highest value cells.

Our portfolio of proven and innovative instruments (including ICON™, VIPS™, Cell Metric® and Cell Metric® CLD) are designed for single cell cloning and assurance of monoclonality. Combined with enabling reagents (including InstiGRO™ and Leap-In Transposase®) from our partners, and our unparalleled domain expertise, we transform the speed and efficiency of clonally-derived Master Cell Bank development. Our customers trust in our technology to ensure they are confidently prepared for regulatory review. 

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