Check4Cancer re-opens ‘SkinCheck’ clinics to provide skin cancer screening during COVID.

Cambridge, UK, 3rd August 2020 / Sciad NewswireCheck4Cancer, the reliable and trusted provider of early cancer detection and genetic services in the UK, is reopening its SkinHealth SkinCheck clinics following enforced closure due to COVID-19. The clinics are now open, with additional safety precautions in place, to provide thorough skin cancer examination and mole check for anyone concerned about a specific mole or new skin changes.

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the UK[1] and rates of skin cancer are increasing faster than any other cancer in the UK[2]. Most skin cancers are caused by over-exposure to UV radiation from the sun, so awareness of any skin changes is especially important during the summer.

SkinCheck is a fast-track skin cancer screening service for anyone who wants a specialist clinical opinion on the appearance of their skin or moles. It is important that patients are seen in a time efficient manner to diagnose skin cancer as early as possible and reduce the risk of long-term health problems. SkinHealth, part of Check4Cancer, is re-opening clinics in order to provide cost-effective skin examination for those concerned.

Mr Per Hall, Consultant Plastic Surgeon, commented: “It is important to check your skin and come forward with any lesion on the skin which has either changed in size, shape or colour or is new. SkinCheck helps separate out lesions that have friendly appearances from those that need to be considered more carefully in case they are suspicious of skin cancer.”

Booking is now available by calling 0800 876 6662 or visiting the booking page.


For further information, contact:

Professor Gordon Wishart
T: 0800 085 6663

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