A level student Maisy Harrison was introduced to the world of marketing and PR during a week spent at science communications agency, Sciad. Maisy has written a blog on her time with us…

I was fortunate to be given the opportunity of a week’s work experience at Sciad this Summer. As I am studying science subjects at A level, I was keen to understand what the world of ‘science communications’ looked like and gain a better understanding of what goes on behind the scenes. I really enjoyed the experience and learnt some important skills, among these, time management and self-discipline! 

After an initial briefing and introduction to the team, I was set to work creating copy for a client’s Google Ad campaigns. The client is a leading medical and journal publisher and I quickly realised that it was helpful to have a scientific background and an understanding of the topics included in the various journals.  

My next task was to write a blog for a client about ‘travelling during a pandemic’, which allowed me to showcase my creative writing and research skills. Receiving positive feedback has really boosted my confidence in this area – to my delight, the blog was posted with minor edits.

It was also great to have first-hand experience of working in an office and seeing how the team works together to deliver a variety of interesting projects, from press and media relations work to the creation of films and website design for scientific businesses. 

I discovered a lot more about Sciad and its clients and it has opened my eyes to the variety of careers open to scientists – it’s really helped me to think through the value of a science degree and has confirmed my desire to study science at a degree level.

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