Upgraded biostatistics software platform from Quantics offers enhanced flexibility for optimal early-stage development.

Edinburgh, UK, 21st September 2022 / Sciad NewswireQuantics Biostatistics launches the latest version of its bioassay software, QuBAS 3.0. Responding to user requests, QuBAS 3.0 provides greater flexibility and a new user interface, resulting in significant time-savings for early-stage assay development while also retaining the unique Continuous real-time Validation (CrtVTM) system that has made QuBAS so successful.

QuBAS 3.0 incorporates the new ‘Developer’ room, allowing researchers to build their analysis without workflow controls. A full initial project can be set up in less than 15 minutes, complete with all suitability criteria. In the early stages of drug development, sample identifiers and metadata may not be available so these can now be added later as the design progresses and a model can be fit in just a few minutes.

QuBAS is used by customers across Europe, North America and Asia. One existing user, Precision Biosciences, commented on the new release: “I have been really enjoying working with the upgraded QuBAS 3.0. The interface and capabilities are more easily accessible in 3.0 – especially when I am playing around with R&D data during development. This additional flexibility, while preserving the self-validating process with CrtV and full audit trail capture, have enabled higher data processing throughput for us!”

QuBAS 3.0 offers:

  • Maximum flexibility – new “parent/child” type method version history supports the often non-linear process of development
  • Improved user interface so minimal training is required – simple file import, drop-down menus and selection functions, graphical drag and drop plate map design, automatic display of complex plate maps and a simple, standardised view
  • Quick Fit function – plots while you work

As well as flexibility for early-stage development, the ‘Routine’ room offers an ideal system for routine GMP analysis with 21 CFR part 11 and GMP compliance. Each analysis report is created with its own full audit trail and real time validation record, meaning minimal user report quality control is required – typically less than 10 minutes compared to an hour for other software systems. An advantage Byondis (long term users of QuBAS) are particularly positive about, stating: “When we started to use QuBAS as our primary data solution for relative potency bioassays in 2018 we were keen to take advantage of the QA time savings that its unique DSCP (Diverse Self-Checking Pairs) technology provides. The auto import functionality has proven itself as a rapid batch release program supporting a lean QA process.”

Philip Speakman, CEO at Quantics, added “We are extremely excited to finally see QuBAS 3.0 available to our users. It has taken over 10,000 man-hours to get here and has been the result of many years of listening to our users. We have collaborated closely with companies including Byondis, Antibody Analytics and Precision Biosciences to ensure the workflow is as close to perfect as we can make it. Feedback from our internal statistical team has already been extremely positive and we can’t wait to hear what more of our users have to say.”

Quantics Biostatistics has provided expert statistical consultancy for the life science, pharmaceutical and medical device industries for 20 years and has used this extensive expertise to design its reliable and intuitive QuBAS software.


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About Quantics  

Quantics is a biostatistical solutions provider for the bioscience and medical devices industries. Through our expert consultancy and QuBAS, our powerful bioassay software, we deliver rapid, guaranteed results that make the most of every datapoint, helping clients to move rapidly through research and development to market approval. https://www.quantics.co.uk/  

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