London, United Kingdom / 22nd June 2015 / Sciad Newswire / PGI Cyber and Redflag Alert are pleased to announce the launch of their new joint initiative, Cybered, a Cyber Education portal which importantly supports online certification of the Cyber Essentials process. The portal, launched Monday 22nd June, will enable businesses to understand the risks around cyber security and how to mitigate them.

The online portal supports the Government’s new ‘Cyber Essentials’ scheme and sees PGI Cyber partner with Redflag Alert to combine their knowledge and experience to position the portal for businesses of any size and stage. The Cyber Essentials Scheme has been developed and launched by the UK Government in 2014 in order to encourage organisations to adhere to good practice in information security and internet safety.

Ben Swindlehurst, Commercial Development Director for PGI, has been leading this new initiative and believes this will be a great new asset to SME’s, he said the following;

“The cyber portal is a practical and easy to operate service designed to accommodate the needs of SMEs. It is a prompt and cost effective solution to improving cyber security making it ideal for smaller businesses who have neither the time nor funding for more complicated systems. The portal incorporates a straightforward self-assessment process granting greater transparency and understanding of a business’s cyber vulnerabilities and how best to mitigate them.”

Mark Halstead of Red Flag Alert states;

“A number of our clients have asked our advice about securing themselves from cyber threats brought in through the supply chain as this is an area where even the best protected company can be vulnerable, we have found the Cyber Essentials scheme can play a key role.  This is a government-backed, industry supported scheme that helps organisations protect themselves against common cyber-attacks. Cybered will be a great support function for any business to help prevent issues arising from the ever growing cyber threats that they may face.”

Cybered will also support business owners by making advice readily available either online or by phone, by publishing whitepapers, regular content, news and ideas to keep businesses up to date and engaged in discussing Cyber Threats as they become less obvious and more sophisticated in nature.

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About PGI Cyber

PGI Cyber, part of Protection Group International, is an integrated cyber-security solutions provider bringing together a unique capability in the vast field of information security, applicable across the commercial, governmental and institutional sectors. PGI Cyber Academy has developed advanced cyber training courses and leads the UK market in immersive training methodologies. Its tailored range of courses is aimed specifically at those organisations and individuals who work to protect them from the growing threat of cyber-attacks.

PGI Cyber is one of only a few companies to have met the highly stringent criteria for accreditation with the internationally respected Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers (CREST). All our core cyber staff are trained and accredited to a high standard and where necessary have relevant UK government backgrounds and experience.


About Red Flag Alert

Red Flag Alert is an online business information bureau, originally developed by Begbies Traynor plc, over 10 years ago, as a live business development database, Red Flag Alert has become a trusted online source of business intelligence.

Used by over 9,500 users across the UK, the system receives daily updates of 80–100k changes in company information enabling businesses to be better informed about clients, prospective clients, competitors and markets. Red Flag Alert saves businesses time and provides easy access to current company and director information. With over 2.5 million changes to the database each month, Red Flag Alert can be your eyes and ears for changes in business helping business owners to make better business decisions.

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