Qdos chemical metering and dosing pumps showing Qdos H-FLO (pictured centre), Qdos 60 and Qdos CWT 
  • Latest pump in the Qdos range is for higher flow rates up to 600 L/h 
  • New peristaltic pump makes chemical dosing simpler, safer and cost-effective 
  • Qdos H-FLO serves a wide variety of applications and industries 

Falmouth, UK, 31st January 2024 / Sciad Newswire / Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions (WMFTS) has launched the Qdos™ H-FLO chemical metering and dosing pump, designed specifically for higher flow rates up to 600 L/h. 

Qdos H-FLO delivers the same outstanding accuracy and reliability as other Qdos pumps but for higher flow rates with a variety of pumpheads and a range of different tube material to ensure chemical compatibility with the process fluid. 

The Qdos H-FLO high-precision pump offers flexibility to be scalable with a customer’s process, whether it is in water and wastewater treatment, mining and mineral processing, chemical applications in food and beverage or pulp and paper.  

The release of Qdos H-FLO enhances the range of Qdos pumps by offering flow rates up to 600 L/h and pressure capability up to 7 bar (102 psi). 

Like the rest of the Qdos range of peristaltic pumps, Qdos H-FLO cuts costs through higher precision chemical metering, with an accuracy of ±1% and repeatability of ±0.5% in dosing. 

Qdos H-FLO will bring benefits to applications including: 

  • Disinfectants 
  • Coagulants 
  • Flocculants 
  • Acids/alkalis 
  • Mining reagents 
  • Surfactants 

Adeel Hassan, Product Manager at WMFTS, said: “At Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions, we believe in engineering innovation to solve complex customer problems by providing simple-to-use solutions. The high accuracy and repeatability of our pumps helps to achieve cost savings in chemical usage which also assists our customers in their journey towards net zero targets. While the pump has inherited unique features from the current Qdos range, it also brings several new-to-market features to make chemical dosing simpler, safer and cost-effective.  

“Customer feedback has been a fundamental driver in developing Qdos for higher flow rate applications. Qdos H-FLO aims to make chemical dosing simpler and efficient for operations, maintenance and EHS teams. It offers several onboard communication options for SCADA and PLC integration to achieve process optimisation.” 

Benefits of the new Qdos H-FLO include: 
•   Flowrates from 2.0 mL/min to 600 L/h  
•   Pressure capability up to 7 bar pressure  
•   RFID Pumphead detection ensures confirmation of correct pumphead 
•   Revolution counter for pumphead service maintenance  
•   Leak detection and fluid containment prevent spills and chemical exposure upon pumphead expiry 
•   Network integration, control and communication options include EtherNet/IP, PROFINET and PROFIBUS for easy integration with SCADA / PLC 
•   One common pump drive with several pumphead options for changing process conditions and chemistries 

Qdos H-FLO is supported with an optional pressure sensing kit that provides real-time pressure monitoring, which ensures process security and improves safety. The optional pressure sensing kit comes with configurable alarms for process monitoring. The pressure sensing kit will be available across the entire Qdos range and is compatible with commonly used chemicals in process industries. 


For further information, please contact:

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Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions 
E: Lauren.gill@wmfts.com 

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About Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions 

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions (WMFTS) is a world leader in manufacturing peristaltic pumps and associated fluid path technologies for the life sciences and process industries.  

There are six pumps in the Qdos range from WMFTS—20, 30, 60, 120, CWT and H-FLO—to fulfil all your chemical metering and dosing requirements.  

WMFTS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Spirax-Sarco Engineering plc, with operations in 42 countries. 

Further information can be found at www.wmfts.com



Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Solutions (WMFTS) is the world leader in niche peristaltic pumps and associated fluid path technologies for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and environmental industries. Comprising ten established brands, each with their area of expertise, but together offering our customers unrivalled solutions for their pumping and fluid transfer applications.

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