London, UK, 18th October 2016 / Sciad Newswire / NALIA Systems, a developer of novel multiplex immunodiagnostic systems for clinical and research applications, has succeeded in raising £500,000 from Syndicate Room and its own investor network, exceeding fundraising targets by 25%.

The funding will enable prototype development for a multi-biomarker diagnostic device, as well as a series of disease-specific multi-biomarker disease panels that are key components of the system. The NALIA platforms will allow rapid, inexpensive, multiplex analysis in the laboratory setting as well as at the point-of-need.

Nigel Davis, NALIA Systems CEO, said: “The company is already well advanced with its revolutionary laboratory multiplex system. This investment will allow us to accelerate prototype development and validation of the next generation point-of-care device. The point of care system will save clinicians and patients a huge amount of time, making healthcare more efficient and cost-effective. Results from NALIA’s proprietary technology can be obtained in less than 20 minutes without needing to be sent off to a laboratory. The evolution of precision, personalised medicine will demand rapid multiple biomarker analysis to enable accurate disease diagnosis and prescription. For the first-time NALIA’s system will offer a rapid, cost-effective approach both to centralised testing and to the near patient market.”

This financial backing will also aid development of NALIA Systems’ custom biomarker panel design service. Custom panels provide researchers with data from all markers of interest, without requiring large amounts of sample, greatly improving productivity.


Press enquiries

Nigel Davis, PhD, MBA
CEO, NALIA Systems Ltd
T: +44 (0) 7711 983344

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Sciad Communications
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Notes to Editor

About NALIA Systems

NALIA Systems is a developer of customisable diagnostic systems and was founded to address the growing requirement for multiplex immunodiagnostic analysis that does not require very expensive hardware. The technology has broad applications in research, biomarker validation and point-of-care diagnosis and monitoring.

NALIA Systems’ technology provides arrays of multiple biomarkers in either a standard 96-well format or in a single-sample point-of-care format. Each NALIA Array will replace several existing single biomarker assays and extend the scope of information available, which will enable clinicians to improve the diagnosis of complex diseases without increasing healthcare costs.

Customised or bespoke panels of biomarkers or “NALIA Arrays” can also be provided in an industry-standard multi-well plate format for use in biomedical research and clinical laboratories.

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