Coventry, UK, 27th September 2017 / Sciad Newswire / Medherant, a leader in next-generation transdermal drug delivery, has signed an agreement with a Japanese transdermal patch company (“the company”), one of the world’s largest patch developers and manufacturers, to evaluate the potential of its TEPI Patch® technology to deliver a drug provided by the company.

Medherant will apply its proprietary high-throughput system for skin permeation studies to rapidly evaluate a range of potential formulations of the drug provided by the company. A successful outcome could lead to the company licensing the TEPI Patch® technology to develop a product for a market where sales are currently > $1bn and patient numbers are rising. The delivery of the drug via a patch is technically challenging but Medherant believes its technology will provide the solution the company needs.

TEPI Patches® are formulated by mixing the drug with a novel adhesive. The adhesive enables high drug loading, allowing lower potency drugs to be delivered successfully and providing the opportunity to include excipients to facilitate movement of the drug through the skin. Significantly, TEPI Patch® sticks to the skin better than others tested, this is a critical factor in ensuring delivery of the full dose and without leaving a dark residue at the edge.

Nigel Davis, CEO, Medherant, said “We have developed a very good relationship with the company and are delighted to begin this feasibility study. We are confident that we will rapidly create a comprehensive data set that will demonstrate the merits of our TEPI Patch® technology.”


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Notes to Editors

About Medherant Limited
Medherant Ltd is a leading developer of next-generation transdermal drug delivery patches. The Company’s TEPI Patch® technology overcomes many of the limitations of patches currently on the market:

  • Its TEPI Patch® technology can be used with a wider range of drugs, including those that are not suitable for oral administration.
  • The amount of drug that can be loaded into the patch is greater, enabling the development of more effective transdermal therapies.
  • The TEPI Patch® contains a novel adhesive which will provide a better patient experience as the patch sticks to the skin for longer, is less painful to remove, and does not leave a mark on the skin.

Medherant is developing products containing proven drugs that it intends to license prior to commercialisation. The Company’s first product is an ibuprofen patch. Manufacture for clinical trials will take place at AdhexPharma in France.

Medherant also runs feasibility studies that give companies the opportunity to see the benefits of delivering their drugs using the TEPI Patch® technology. Medherant seeks partnerships with companies wishing to extend the commercial life of their products or those that have drugs that cannot be delivered orally at sufficient dosage.

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