• Spanish contract development and manufacturing organisation that specialises in the manufacture of biologics
  • Peristaltic pump used for pilot plant fermentation and filtration cleanrooms
  • The 630S/R from Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group (WMFTG) was selected to provide the necessary flow rate

Falmouth, UK, 3rd June 2021 / Sciad Newswire / Leanbio is a contract development and manufacturing organisation based in Barcelona that specialises in the design and optimisation of processes for the development of biological medicines. The company supports the entire development cycle through strain and cell line, process and analytical development, and manufacturing.

Leanbio works with a number of pharmaceutical and biotech organisations to scale up their biologics manufacturing processes. The pilot plant is therefore used for a wide range of different products, requiring versatile equipment which also prevents cross contamination. Peristaltic pumps from WMFTG offered a versatile solution to reduce cleaning requirements while still preventing product contamination and facilitating equipment reconfiguration between batches.

Reliable reputation

Members of the Leanbio team were familiar with Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group (WMFTG) products through the use of 114 pumpheads integrated into their Bionet reactors. As the team had experienced the quality of WMFTG pumps first-hand, it made the company an easy choice to partner with. The 630S/R pump was chosen as it is a manual control pump and offers flow rates of up to 16 L/min flow at up to 2 bar pressure, satisfying the pilot plant’s requirements.

Promoting sustainability

Leanbio prioritises sustainability, promoting “lean bioproduction” in order to maximise project success and minimise time to market, costs and risks. A core part of this approach is quality by design, developing the most efficient processes to optimise its customers’ biopharmaceutical production. WMFTG pumps are known for their reliability and long life, reducing the need for replacement during the lifetime of the process and hence minimising down-time, costs and the waste of obsolete machines.  

End-to-end supply

By choosing a peristaltic pump to minimise contamination and facilitate process validation, Leanbio also required compatible tubing that was easy to install and use. WMFTG’s expertise covers the entire fluid management pathway, enabling it to provide suitable tubing for use with the 630S/R. The pump also has retractable rollers for easy tube loading, simplifying the changeover process between products.

Leanbio is currently trialling the pump in a range of cleanroom filtration and fluid transfer applications. Following impressive results and further evidence of its ease of use and reliability, the team is excited to expand its use to more processes.


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Notes to Editors

About Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group
Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group is an award-winning, global leader in fluid management technology and for over 60 years has engineered components and systems for customers in the food processing and handling, pharmaceutical and industrial markets. The company is part of Spirax-Sarco Engineering plc, a FTSE 100 company. Learn more at www.wmftg.com or @WMFTG_news.

About Leanbio
Leanbio is a Biotherapeutics CDMO specialised in the development and manufacture of Biologics from gene to final formulation, implementing a lean development program following an enhanced approach according to ICH guidelines, minimizing time to market and COGS. Leanbio owns proprietary technology for strain and cell line development, process development, analytical and formulation development and is able to supply from milligram to kilogram scale for non-clinical, clinical development and routine manufacture.

Leanbio technological platforms (including E.coli LBP Cyto, E.coli LBP Secre, E.coli LBP Peri, Bacillus, P.pastoris  and CHO) FTO systems in lab, pilot, commercial scale and provides full biologics characterisation(including Primary to HOS structure, identity, purity, impurities, Bioassays, content analytical methods)

For more information please visit the Leanbio website: https://www.leanbiopro.com/

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