Epsom, UK, 9th February 2017 / Sciad NewswireNow is the time for healthcare innovators to adopt plastic electronics and revolutionise healthcare monitoring and diagnosis. InnovationDB, the world’s largest IP licensable technology database, has carried out a comprehensive study of the use of plastic electronics in healthcare devices to spot the biggest trends and identify the full potential of this exciting technology to transform our lives.

Plastic electronics uses organic semiconducting materials to create electronic devices, enabling circuits to be deposited or printed onto almost any surface or material, both rigid or flexible.

CEO of InnovationDB, Gerald Law, commented: “The plastic electronics sector promises a mind-blowing array of new products and applications – this has thrown the entire sector into disarray. Plastic electronics is a step change in the way we use electronics at every point of the product lifecycle. Although we’re not seeing fully developed in vivo bio sensors just yet it may be because the industry is taking small steps, to avoid overwhelming us and to get things right.”

This new analysis of the plastic electronics market in healthcare found some of the most exciting developments:

  • Smart ‘skin’ that can accelerate self-healing
  • Sticking plasters that can monitor complex physiological data
  • Blister packs that can monitor patient compliance with drug regimens and keep doctors up to date in real time
  • Smart clothing or even smart furniture to monitor and treat diseases
  • Bio-sensors in the patient’s body that can predict a stroke, an asthma attack or prompt a diabetic patient to take their insulin
  • Bio-tattoos that monitor your body and alerts medical professionals if you’re about to have a heart attack.
  • Contact lenses that can monitor blood glucose

Investment and interest in this sector continues unabated despite it being at a relatively early stage. The market, including healthcare and all other applications, is predicted to grow from $26 billion in 2016 to $69 billion in 2026, and 3,000 organisations are now pursuing plastic electronics.[1]

A summary of the report can be read here.


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[1] Printed, Organic & Flexible Electronics Forecasts, Players & Opportunities 2016-2026. IDTechEx.

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