York, UK, 29th September 2021 / Sciad NewswireAntibiotic Research UK (ANTRUK) announces the launch of its new five-year strategy, aiming to create a world free from deaths caused by drug-resistant infections. The strategy focuses on driving innovative research into new treatments, supporting patients and families, and raising awareness to reduce the spread of drug-resistant infections. This marks a shift from ANTRUK’s original goals outlined in 2014 and demonstrates the evolution of the charity from being purely research focused to playing an active role in patient support and awareness activities.

ANTRUK was formed in 2014, arising from discussions amongst academic researchers, scientists and clinicians working in the pharmaceutical industry with an interest in antibiotics and antibiotic resistance. This group felt that the problem of drug-resistant infections was not getting either the attention or funding it warranted. The original aim of the charity therefore was to raise funds from the public to conduct research into finding new antibiotic treatments both by commissioning its own research and by offering small grants to academic institutions. Details of successes can be found on the ANTRUK website and in previous newsletters.

Over the years, the charity received an increasing number of requests for advice and information from patients or their relatives about drug-resistant infections. The charity therefore made the decision to provide support to this community through Patient Support services.

In 2020, ANTRUK was approached by the healthcare consultancy Costello Medical to provide pro bono support to put together its next five-year strategy. It was important that the Strategy should be evidence based so a bottom-up approach was taken. Stakeholders were asked about their views on drug resistance and how the charity was perceived. Nearly 800 people responded to the survey, including 500 members of the public representing the UK demographic, 120 charity supporters and 90 researchers active in the field.

The graph above shows some of the responses obtained from members of the public.

From the wealth of data collected, a vision and mission statement was prepared which is set out below.


A world free from deaths caused by drug-resistant infections.


To tackle the global threat of drug-resistant infections by:

  • Driving and enabling innovative and collaborative research to ensure future generations have access to effective treatments.
  • Supporting patients and families that are affected by drug-resistant infections.
  • Working in partnership with key stakeholders to raise awareness and reduce the spread of drug-resistant infections.

From the above mission statement three strategic goals were formulated:

Goal 1 – drive forward innovative solutions to drug-resistant infections

Goal 2 – improve the lives of patients with drug-resistant infections and their families

Goal 3 – raise awareness about the impact of drug-resistant infections

As a result of the strategic review, the Trustees agreed to some rebalancing both of the charity’s focus and what it funded. Going forward, ANTRUK will seek to spend 60% of its income on Goal 1 and 40% on Goals 2 and 3. In addition, collaboration opportunities should be sought so that funds raised by the charity can be leveraged alongside funds raised from other parties. An annual audit will be conducted to measure alignment with the strategy and progress towards achieving these goals.

Professor Colin Garner, CEO of ANTRUK, commented, “This new strategy reflects the transformation of our charity in recent years and enables us to further focus on supporting patients and raising awareness of drug-resistant infections. From our first-hand experience we know how important this is and I am pleased that the new strategy reflects this transition while maintaining our commitment to funding innovative research. I look forward to seeing what the next five years will bring.”


Notes to Editors

About Antibiotic Research UK (ANTRUK)

The world’s first charity and only charity focussed on tackling bacterial antibiotic resistance. The charity’s mission is to develop new antibiotic treatments, educate the public about resistance and provide patient support. Since its formation in 2014, the charity has funded research, supported academic groups in universities and employed the country’s first Patient Support Officer focussed on supporting patients with an antibiotic resistant infection. The charity relies wholly on public donations and receives no government support.

You can learn more about Antibiotic Research UK at www.antibioticresearch.org.uk

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