Falmouth, UK, 11th November 2020 / Sciad Newswire / Leading Japanese manufacturer of fermentation and bioreactor systems, Able Biott, have chosen Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group (WMFTG) 120 benchtop pumps for use in biopharmaceutical processing equipment, including a range of multi-purpose bioreactors. The pumps were selected for their compact size and ease of installation, overcoming issues with tube loading in previous pumps.

Able Biott chose the 120U/DV benchtop pump for its superior control. It comprises a 114DV flip-top pumphead powered by a drive which offers both manual remote control and automatic control options. This combination makes the pumps easy to use whilst offering excellent accuracy of flow rate.

Small, simple, precise

The 120U/DV pumps were selected for ease of incorporation into Able’s bioreactors as they are ultra-compact and stackable offering multiple feeds such as pH control, antifoam, nutrient and buffer addition to maximise yield in fermentation and cell culture applications. This compact size saves valuable space in cleanroom, LAF and biosafety cabinet environments whilst maintaining important functionality. Multiple flow rates and superior speed control produce consistent and repeatable flow.

Easy to use

Able Biott had experienced issues with tube loading and exchange in previous pumps and selected WMFTG pumps and pumpheads for their ease of set up and tubing interchange. The 114DV flip-top pumphead loading mechanism allows tube loading in seconds and the range of tubing options includes a choice of five materials in sizes from 0.5 to 4.8mm internal diameter, satisfying the diverse needs of Able Biott.

The Company were able to achieve optimal control with the 120U/DV pump as it offers 0.1 to 200 rpm manual remote control in 0.1 rpm increments or automatic control in 0.1 rpm increments via 4-20 mA or 0-10 V inputs. This enables the selection of the optimal speed for specific circumstances and applications. The pumps also offer an intuitive user interface, requiring minimal key presses for efficient usage. Their smooth, wipe-down case has no sharp edges to prevent glove tears and offers IP31 ingress protection.

Reliable, trusted provider

The WMFTG team in Japan were able to demonstrate these significant advantages directly to Able Biott with first-hand and video demonstrations to effectively show how easy the pumps are to integrate and use, whilst providing the necessary flow control. Having recognised the potential of the WMFTG products and the Company’s long-standing experience in fluid management technology, Able Biott began incorporating the pumps into their bioprocessing equipment and have now purchased over 300 WMFTG pumps and pumpheads.

Able Biott has observed the reliability of the WMFTG products and the two organisations have gone on to build a successful, trusted relationship. The breadth of Watson-Marlow’s fluid technology expertise also offers the potential to further develop this partnership, with an extensive range of pump and tubing products available to satisfy all of Able Biott’s bioprocessing needs. 


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