Professor Gordon Wishart, Chief Medical Officer and CEO at Check4Cancer, a leading early cancer detection and cancer prevention company, was interviewed on The Today Programme on BBC Radio 4 this morning, discussing the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Prof Wishart explained that patients with different types of cancer are experiencing delays to their diagnosis and treatment due to coronavirus. He said that, for certain types of fast-growing cancers, these delays could have a negative impact on treatment outcomes and survival rates.

However, Prof Wishart suggested that there could be solutions to this problem, such as ensuring that the network of NHS and private hospital groups within the UK work together to ensure patients with different conditions receive the care they need. He also emphasised the importance of increasing testing for coronavirus.

Prof Wishart has written to the government about this today, asking for coordination with the private hospital network to provide hospital facilities that are Covid19-free to offer all cancer patients, including those from the NHS and private sector, the treatment that they need.

You can listen to Prof Wishart’s interview here. The discussion about cancer diagnosis and treatment was at 6.46am.


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