A Q&A with Sciad’s Managing Partner, Maria Patey on International Women’s Day.

What do you consider your strengths and proudest achievements in your career? 

Creativity, Resilience, Intuition; I trust my intuition – and when it comes to a crunch point, I go with my gut, unless there’s a clear reason to pause and re-consider.  If I get it wrong, then it’s a lesson that I take on board for next time. 

I love connecting with people and harnessing their energy to make good things happen. I take pride in empowering others to recognise their unique talents or the potential in their ideas.

I’ve had the privilege of working alongside leading scientists, CEOs, and influential business figures in the life sciences field. I’m proud when clients see the results of smart marketing ideas executed strategically. Marketing and advertising science-based innovation plays a vital role in communicating complex information to stakeholders to drive business success!

There’s a science behind science advertising, especially in digital marketing, which demands expertise in creating relevant and creative content, choosing appropriate platforms, and targeting with precision to achieve meaningful results.

Do you have any role models or inspirations that have shaped your work?

I’m inspired by individuals who have overcome adversity and achieved success. 

I admire Anita Roddick for her commitment to social responsibility, sustainability, and cruelty-free products which reshaped consumer expectations and influenced industry standards worldwide.

With her dyslexic mind, she was able to navigate an interesting and powerful path to success. I’m intrigued by her approach, her messages and the clarity with which she communicated her intent!

In the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries today, advancements in technology are allowing the adoption of 3D models as alternatives to traditional animal testing in early-stage therapeutic research. Without greater awareness of the ethical concerns surrounding animal testing or the development of new technologies, the momentum for change might not have been as significant.

Have you seen changes in attitude towards women in the workplace?

Attitudes and expectations are evolving rapidly and positively. In this era of rapid technological evolution, people can tailor where and how they work to suit their needs like never before.

I believe that we need to prioritise promoting individuals based on merit and performance rather than gender. My advice: Surround yourself with mentors who can help you grow and build on your strengths.

Despite the challenges of learning new skills and understanding complex concepts, especially if you’re in your first science marketing role, stay focused on your objectives and the reasons behind your tasks.

Aim to master multiple skills and stay committed to your goals. Talent speaks for itself, so keep pushing forward, understand what matters most to you, and visualise your path to success.

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    Maria Patey

    Managing Partner

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