PR and Communications

Credible, Consistent, Evidence-based PR
It's not what you say about your business, it's what other people say about you that really counts

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We've been running successful PR programmes for businesses and organisations involved in technology and innovation for over 20 years, so there isn't much that we haven't dealt with. We've launched exciting new companies and products, secured global attention for ground-breaking scientific papers, helped to recruit patients into vital clinical trials, breathed new life into old brands and generally touched almost every area of science, tech, life science and healthcare.

Where do we begin? 

With the end in mind. 

Audiences are key. You can’t develop any form of communications if you aren’t clear who it’s intended for. Once we understand your audience and why they’re the target, we can then craft evidence-based messaging to underpin your communications. We do the groundwork with you, then we develop a PR programme that positions your business optimally with your target stakeholders. 

Social media, blogging, online advertising, infographics, video and audio footage are all part of the PR toolkit.  

We tailor every client’s communications plan to give you the biggest opportunity to deliver your message. 

The Storytelling Process

  1. Defining your story – We unravel the story and get to the heart of your business - you get a new positioning statement and a message matrix on which to base all content
  2. We decipher the media platforms which take you to where your stakeholders are 
  3. Create shareable assets:  blogs, infographics, video etc.
  4. We map out your personalised content calendar
  5. Schedule communications 
  6. Test, Learn and Refine

PR has the power to influence your key audiences. 

Reputations = what you do + what you say + what people say about you. 

Get in touch to find out how we can help you create the reputation you need to succeed. 

Sciad also has a newswire service, see our Media Information for full details about how to distribute your press releases through Sciad Newswire.