Brand Strategy and Design

Create a Unique Brand Identity to Give you the Best Chance of Succeeding
Developing a memorable brand

What you do and say | Your brand | How people feel

Having a powerful story to tell is important for every business, regardless of size. From start-up to full scale commercialisation, investors are as tough to convince as customers. If you're still trying to work out how to tell your story or you think that your brand identity could work better, we can help.

Sciad’s branding process

  1. Workshop to develop new positioning statement, key messages and press release boilerplate
  2. Develop new logo and look and feel of materials
  3. Apply new corporate design to website, PowerPoint and other marketing materials
  4. Launch website, measure, learn, refine

From a new logo or corporate identity to content-rich, sharable messaging, we can develop and implement it all, right across your marketing programme. Get in touch and we'd be happy to tell you more.